tonic for the heart

tonic for the heart

this site is set up to promote belinda’s chi kung (qigong), tai chi, dao yin, bagua classes and workshops in islington N1 and WC1
and to share the random images and thoughts that surface from the kung
“chi”- breath, vital energy and “kung”- work, practice, a chinese discipline of movement, breath and meditation

tonic for the heart- calming breath from belinda ackermann on Vimeo.

based around gentle, rhythmic movements the classes are suitable for all levels
an ancient chinese martial art that bring about personal transformation through movement, breath and meditation.
here’s a fabulous quote from rick barrent that goes a long way to mapping the dynamics, of this practice ‘yang & yin are not opposing forces so much as complementary aspects of an underlying unity. hot is yang because it is an expansion. cold is yin and a contraction. all energy is a pulse between expansion and contraction. computers render all information into ’ones’ (yang) & ‘zeros’ (yin)… its effectiveness depends on first recognising the dual nature of all that exists & then transcending that duality’
come to a class or book a 1-2-1 session
( pronounced ‘chee-gung” can be spelt qigong; chi gong; chi gung; ki kung)

upcoming classes

new saturday morning class

    • 11.00am-12.00pm
    • JEAN STOKES community hall: Carnoustie Drive Islington N1 0DX
    •  drop-in £5.00
    • shared with Richard Thomas taiji qigong

N1 saturday, tuesday & wednesday am

    • 8.45am-9.45am saturday a 18-25july & 1aug NO CLASS
    • 11.00am-12.00pm tuesday am
    • 8.15am-9.15am wednesd am
    • YOGABASE: 257 Liverpool Road, Islington N1 1LX
    • £9 per class for block of 5 consecutive classes @ £45; drop-in £11

tea and chi wednesday 10-11am N1

come give you energy a spring clean AND taste some amazing tea pia 280 UPPER STREET N1 Tai chi/Chi kung classes on Wednesdays for £10, or £12 for drop ins.  


wood workshop 25 MAY

bank holiday monday WOOD workshop
  • time: 10.30-12.30
  • venue:  YOGABASE 257 Liverpool Road, Islington N1 1LX
  • cost:  £24 concessions £18like the deer below, as we burst into the season of spring we will be exploring the element of wood,  growth that transforms stagnation! deer

    latest blog post

    lucy cash photos west square se1

    great images from LUCY CASH of monday evening she captures the quality of the chi in this enchanted  square and the tranquility it inspires they fill me with delight       WS3 WS23_2

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